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Gold Horned Boglin King Drool

Gold Horned Boglin King Drool

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For thousands of years, the secret of how Boglins become Golden Horned Kings has remained a mystery.

Some believe it is tied to the ritual of rutting, the time when Boglins roll down hills butting heads at the base of the valley to try and achieve dominance.

Others believe it is a system of inheritance, genetics and royal blood lines.

More recently, it has been discovered in the ancient bogs of Eire that Kings are initiated through a ceremony when one Boglin discovers a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This seems a bit far-fetched and just another incidence of Boglin malarkey. We may never discover the truth behind this very elusive Boglin ritual.

It is obvious that we need more Bogologists to join our ranks and work at observing the Boglins in their natural and un-natural habitats. Will you join us?  

 -Seamus O Phlagherty  PHD Trinity University Eire 


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